Man Overboard - I hate her (Live in Bangkok)
(by Thanakarn Tangjaiyen)

paul - pieces (cover)

sum-41 ‘s “pieces” song

i think i totally messed strum of song and yet

"nothing" word with "no one" #dumb 

Twenty One Pilots - Holding On To You (ukulele. ver)

:: Rockstone Sessions


Paul - Roam  ver. 3 (by The Story So Far)
19 plays

"Roam" - The Story So Far ‘s song 

acoustic cover

ver. 3 Finger picking

i’m too sorry.

Paul - Roam  ver. 2 (by The Story So Far)
19 plays

"Roam" - The Story So Far ‘s song 

acoustic cover

ver. 2

Paul - Roam ver. 1(by The Story So Far)
9 plays

Roam - The Story So Far ‘s song 

another great song and

my shitty acoustic cover

ver. 1

sorry in advance if it hurt your ears.

Paul - cute Without the 'E' (by Taking Back Sunday)
19 plays

here’s just my dummy cover of Taking Back Sunday’s song cute Without the ‘E’

i’m not a good singer and guitar player. so don’t take it seriously.

The Story So Far - Snyder Street
19 plays

Cause we saw the sky in a darker shade of blue
And we wasted gas guided by the moon

Remember Snyder street I think I’m losing sleep
Over this (roll over in my bed)
The crazy high’s we’d reach I don’t think I’ll ever
Forget this (even if I’m dead)

all my decisions are constructed on feelings.


the guitar in that ig video chris posted sounds like it would be on indigo hahahahaha why

is wear is going to be the first full suck album bc of new solo guitar.